ColorMe Tees are waiting for you to customize them! Our original art with your finishing touch creates a 100% unique shirt or tote every time. Use fine point Sharpie markers for permanent color, or use washable Crayolas and you can color your tee again and again!


ColorMe Tees

instructions for best results

you will need: 

one ColorMe Tee

shirt or tote bag:

order here.

Permanent Markers - we recommend these Sharpies or these.

12"x12" cardboard, 

poster board, or cutting board

clothes dryer with high heat setting or clothes iron

Step 1: Place a ~12"x12" piece of cardboard between the layers of your shirt or tote. This will give you a firm surface for coloring as well as prevent your colors from bleeding through. 

Step 2: Gather the sleeves and extra fabric on the back of the cardboard, pulling your design tight in the front. Use a rubber band to secure the extra fabric in place. This makes a flat, portable surface for coloring! 

Step 3: COLOR! We recommend Sharpie fine or ultra fine. These come in a wide range of colors including metallics and the ink will last a long time! 

Some ideas: Ultra Fine Color Burst, Ultra Fine Electro Pop, Fine Point Metallic

Step 4: Let your artwork dry for 24 hours. Then toss it in the dryer on high heat for 15 minutes to set. If you really want your work to last for years, cover it with a coat of clear fabric paint.


Only wash on COLD, but you can dry on normal cotton settings.  

Step 5: Show off your finished work!

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